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The 10 Most Common Questions & Answers About Yonkers, NY

Most Common Questions & Answers Yonkers, NY

Yonkers is the third-largest city in New York according to the 2020 United States Census. With a current population of approximately 211,000, Yonkers is undergoing a steady increase when it comes to the influx of people moving in and calling this city home. The population increase comes in at 8%, a great indicator of how attractive and livable this city is.

The downtown area of Yonkers is located on a Plaza called Getty Square, this is where the municipal government is located. This downtown area is also a location...

Buying New Construction: The Ultimate Guide

New Construction Build

Buying a new construction home is an exciting and exhilarating experience--but it can also be overwhelming. It's never too late to get informed about the process, and this guide will help you navigate through it. We'll cover everything from picking a builder to signing on the dotted line!

In recent years, buying a pre-built home has become increasingly popular among first-time buyers as well as those looking for their next dream house. The reasons are diverse: some people want to live in newly developed neighborhoods that haven’t been built yet; others need mobility (a prerequisite for many jobs), still more simply prefer not...